The Elements of a Good – Ahem! – Not So Good College Class


Isn't going to class just the best?  :(

Isn’t going to class just the best? ūüė¶

Okay let’s say you arrive on time to class, it’s a bright day. ¬†Students are milling around and your only worry is “Oh my God, I hope they haven’t run out of breakfast tacos.”

Whomsoever doesn't like tacos shall be smote by the Taco Goddess Yuki.

Whomsoever doesn’t like tacos shall be smote by the Taco Goddess Yuki.


You get into class ready just in time for the morning register you sit down and can’t help feel that things….are a bit off.

There are only a few students in the room. ¬†That itself isn’t an issue – especially when most of the student body in your class consist of jerk-ass morons.

There are no lecturers….anywhere! ¬†This is a problem. ¬†Not right now. ¬†After a grueling walk through insect-swarming woodland it’s nice to have a few moments to sit down and relax. ¬†But as the clock ticks on you can’t help notice that class should have started an hour ago and still it is only you and three other students in the room so far. ¬†Getting antsy you and the others get up and begin to go exploring.

What do you find?





Emptier still – even weirder…


Even more emptier - super!  :D

Even more emptier – super! ūüėÄ

Only empty halls, rooms and computer labs.  Of course there are other students in different departments on the campus but for some odd and annoying reason there just so happens to be no lecturers what so ever in your department.  And to think this could have been one of those great mornings when you got to sleep in!  :_(


Snooze - need more snooze  (-.-) zzZZ

Snooze – need more snooze (-.-) zzZZ

Oh well.  You decide to make the best of a bad situation and wait it out by reading or chatting with other students and slowly but surely a few more enter the building and look just as confused, sad or annoyed as you did.  After some consoling you all decide that the best thing to do is to go home.  But some of you retaliate saying that perhaps the lecturers are just super-late and that we should stay.  After arguing for two hours and sitting in silence for another one, it has reached 1 pm and you all decide to head to the computer room to do some internet surfing to pass the time.

Just when you reach level 20 on Tetris and have an enormous “L Block” – which can only fit in the small gap on the right side of the screen if you can quickly push it past the big tower you’ve stupidly created thus avoiding a GAME OVER – the lecturer bursts into the room and apologizes for being incredibly late, your eyes shoot to her, and you miss the timing thus completing your beautiful Tetris tower with an even prettier green “L Block” and being rewarded a GAME OVER for your troubles.


GAME OVER - definition: when life as you know it ends.

GAME OVER – definition: when life as you know it ends.

As it turns out the lecturer had a busy day and had to go to the hospital to visit their son and couldn’t make it here on time and right after she drags you all out of the room she says we should call it a day and ends the class there!¬† ¬†O.O


What a brilliant day Рgoing to college, staying in college and not learning anything.  We could get diplomas in time-wasting!

So what’s the moral of the story? ¬†A good college class has on-time students and lecturers, everyone getting along and studying. ¬†A bad college class? ¬†There really isn’t one unless your idea of hell is lounging around in a computer room listening to music, playing games, throwing paper airplanes and chatting with friends while all lecturers are conspicuously absent – and that is my idea of heaven.


There are good classes and bad classes - that's not the issue.  The issue is knowing the difference between them.

There are good classes and bad classes – that’s not the issue. The issue is knowing the difference between them.

See ya next time!