Name:  Kit McCabe

Age:  23   :_(

Location:  Scotland

Some hobbies:-

  • Reading: I read A LOT.  I love reading anything except gory, horrible crime novels.  I’ve never really been into them.  I enjoy reading romance and funny stuff in particular mainly because I’m a big sap and love that kind of thing.  😀
  • Cooking:  Okay, I admit it – I am not a chef and produce inedible concoctions in the kitchen but it’s something I enjoy doing and I hope to one day get good enough so I can cook something my family would enjoy eating.  I in particular like cooking cakes, biscuits, noodles, tacos and pizza.
  • Photography:  I like taking pictures – especially of nature and I plan on uploading a bunch of my photos onto this blog – keep your eyes peeled ;D
  • Playing the piano:  I love piano and absolutely love playing it – I’d love to become a music teacher one day but that dreams kind of been placed on hold so I can pursue my other dream of becoming a rainforest biologist – that way I can help protect the rainforests.


What you really need to know about me:  I’m talkative but it takes me a while to actually start talking to people as I have social anxiety disorder which can be a bit of a downer as it kind of makes it hard to build relationships with people.  But I’m getting better at handling it.

Quickest way to piss me off:  Hurt an animal or just be a plain-old, honky-ass jerk.

Quickest way to make me like you:  Just be friendly and patient as it takes me a while to get to know people.

Funny and Embarrassing Fact:  I can be pretty childish and I have a fear of the dark  :#


That is all you’re getting from me at the moment.  😀






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